Red Water River Goes Viral On Internet, Amazes Netizens by Its Colour

Red Water River

A recent video clip displaying the red river in Peru is making a buzz around the internet world. The Red Water River in the South American country of Peru is giving an amazing and different kind of experience to the viewers on social media. The video that is viral on the internet is not the latest one but keeps circling on social media. The video is gaining attraction from many internet lovers. Recently, Twitter shared a video that left people amazed. In the video clip, the river is flowing through a valley in the South American continent. The red water in Cusco is a remarkable natural phenomenon located in the Cusco area of Peru.

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Red Water River Attacting Users on Internet

This river is known for its striking red colour that is attracting internet users. The Red Water in the Cusco River is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the region and is a famous destination for tourists. The water in the river takes on a bright red colour in certain sections, mainly during the rainy season. Except for monsoon, the flow of water is normal and the colour of the water is muddy brown. The footage beautifully captured nature. The river which is situated in South America Peru is locally known as Pukamayu.

Everyone on the internet is wondering how the colour of the river is red. So far, millions of people have viewed the footage and received 82,000 likes from social media users. According to ecologists, the river has red colour because of soil erosion. The red colour of the water in the river is caused by the high concentration of iron oxide in the river. Iron oxide is a common mineral that is normally found in various rocks and soils. So, the rocks and soil are eroded by water and wind and then the iron oxide is mixed into the river, which gives the red colour.

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Best Time to Visit Red Water River

Red Water River

Normally, tourists plan a day tour to visit this place. The best time to go to have a view at this place is during the monsoon from May to November. During the rainy season, the water level is still high but there is no issue to have a visit.  As it is known that it is situated at a high altitude, it is necessary to take warm clothes as the weather will be cold. As the trail will be muddy in the rainy season, it is suggested to carry a pair of hiking boots. There is a possibility of altitude sickness and giddiness so don’t forget to carry medication to cure it.

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